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Gabriele Mirabassi, clarinet

Olivia Trummer, piano and vocals

Luca Bulgarelli, double bass

Nicola Angelucci, drums

“Changes” isn’t just a title: it also represents a transformation, an evolution in Nicola Angelucci’s compositions. The Italian drummer, who in his previous discs had accustomed us to the predominance of rhythm and Afro-American influences, in “Changes” devotes more of his attention to melody, to lyricism. And it is precisely this enhanced lyrical constituent that has guided him in choosing his traveling companions for this project: Olivia Trummer, Luca Bulgarelli and Gabriele Mirabassi. Another striking particularity of “Changes” with respect to the norms that prevail in the jazz sphere, is that the album only features original and unreleased pieces, some of which are sung by Olivia Trummer, author of the lyrics in addition to being an enchanting interpreter and pianist. With “Changes” Angelucci offers us a vivid snapshot of the present times, an intense and limpid inner landscape.

Nicola Angelucci is a musician whose talent has won international acclaim, suffice it to say that many of the most interesting and famous leaders of the international jazz scene have chosen him as sideman, among which Benny Golson, Wynton Marsalis, Joey DeFrancesco, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Mike Stern, Bob James… He is a member of Fabrizio Bosso’s Quartet and also collaborates permanently with Dado Moroni, Rosario Bonaccorso, Max Ionata, Bebo Ferra, Paolo Recchia, Olivia Trummer. He has to his credit over 70 discs, of which 7 as leader and co-leader. Olivia Trummer is an outstanding German pianist and singer-songwriter. Born into a family of musicians, she first trained as a classical pianist and later pursued her jazz studies on the other side of the Atlantic, at the Manhattan School of Music in New York. Gabriele Mirabassi’s talent and class has made him one of the most esteemed clarinetists in the world. The Italian artist operates with the same ease in classical music and in jazz. These past years he has conducted an interesting and in-depth research on Brazilian music and South American musical styles in general.

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