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Olivia Trummer & Nik Angelucci (foto Roberto Cifarelli) b.jpg

Olivia Trummer, piano, Fender Rhodes, vocals

Nicola Angelucci, drums

Olivia Trummer and Nicola Angelucci met on stage at the Val di Fassa Panorama Music jazz festival, in the splendid setting of the Dolomites, during Trummer’s first Italian tour in 2016. Their immediate and evident affinity triggered a series of concerts in Italy and abroad. After four years of performing together on stage, during which they polished their compositional and interpretational poetics, Trummer and Angelucci now perform as a duo, showcasing to the full the expressive potentials of their instruments in a palette of sounds, nuances and dynamics that make for a complex yet welcoming musical world. Their repertoire, that features original pieces as well as personal versions of jazz and non-jazz standards, invites the audience into their spontaneous dialogue, humorous at times, and intense always.

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